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We started to produce high visibility clothing since 1998 with own factories in Wuyi, Zhejiang province and Shangrao, Jiangxi province, which covering 20000 square meters, the monthly capacity is 1 million pieces of mixed style garments.

Tianyue is the remarkable safety vest supplier and Reflective Apparel Factory in China, one of the earliest high visibility clothing suppliers and manufacturers in Wuyi, Products include high visibility clothing, hi vis safety vests, reflective safety jackets, polo shirt, workwear at reliable quality, welcome to wholesale products from us.

We strongly hope to develop more safety products with you which meet the market of your motherland, integrate traditional elements, and loved by people.

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    Heat Transfer Equipments Are Necessary For Re...
    ​In order to improve the production of high visibility clothing, and reflective safety vests, we are equipped with a lot of heat transfer equipments, which can adapt the different sizes of logo, and fabricated parts. These equipments have the regulatory function of temperature and time, drum type can also adjust the speed. Today, I took some photos here, we have these equipments with a lot of quantity, can cope with high-volume printing. Some guests of reflective clothing, require us printing their logo on each batch. Respecting to the silk-screen printing, heat transfer effect will be better, it pretty, but the price is higher, but the silk-screen printing's fastness would be better, in a variety of reflective clothing are so, such as safety vests, polo shirts, jackets, sweatshirt and so on. Yesterday I bought a T-shirt in Wal-Mart, their heat transfer logo can be peeled off by hand, everything has two sides, if guests wish to easily remove the logo, show personality, and that the most suitable, the screen printing is indelible.
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    Today, Air Transport Immediately, Reflective ...
    ​Today, we will send a carton of reflective safety vest by air transport to Canada Guest, because her guest need urgently, we immediately prepared a carton of these safety vest with pockets, she sent mailing address to us last night, we will send her through DHL today, I wish everything all well, we hope us being a long-term safety vest supplier of each guest, we must fully cooperate for their sales. Today it rains, we'll put some more desiccant in the box, more waterproof tape affixed out of the box, try to keep goods dry!
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    The Importance Of QC For High Visibility Clot...
    The quality requirements of each guest are not the same, however, we should establish a standard of our own, strictly, details oriented. Relative to inspect the quality of finished products, we pay more attention to control semi-finished products and raw materials, so get twice the result with half the effort. We enhanced the quality control of the first production line, Problems arise, immediate rectification. We must control the quality of our high visibility clothing at a high level, and maintain a reasonable price. There is the key to remaining competitive, it is very important to high visibility clothing suppliers.
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    Reflective Safety Vests Shipping
    ​Now have 70,000 reflective safety vests to be Shipped to Fujian Province, our reflective safety vests are generally shipped to the Shanghai for direct exporting, but some guests have his own warehouses, we will send the safety vests to their warehouse, their qc will inspect the safety vests after receipt of the goods, then the test results will back to us, because we are very serious, so go well every time. These safety vests will be accompanied by their safety jackets, raincoats, and then sent to the foreign buyers. We are mature safety vest supplier, fabrics and reflective tape all have a very well-known partners, adult models achieve EN20471, child models reach EN1150 standard, stand the test by SGS TUV. These safety vests are added color card packaging, beautiful, will sell very well.
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    We know how important quality is! So we attach great importance to our QA/QC procedures, making sure every piece we ship to our customers are qualified as well as satisfying!