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We started to produce high visibility clothing since 1998 with own factories in Wuyi, Zhejiang province and Shangrao, Jiangxi province, which covering 20000 square meters, the monthly capacity is 1 million pieces of mixed style garments.

Tianyue is the remarkable safety vest supplier and Reflective Apparel Factory in China, one of the earliest high visibility clothing suppliers and manufacturers in Wuyi, Products include high visibility clothing, hi vis safety vests, reflective safety jackets, polo shirt, workwear at reliable quality, welcome to wholesale products from us.

We strongly hope to develop more safety products with you which meet the market of your motherland, integrate traditional elements, and loved by people.

Latest News
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    The Strategy Of Reflective Safety Vests Factory
    As one of the remarkable safety vest manufacturers, we are expanding our own factories as these: because we have experience in large factory, there are many lessons, now advocated doing some small factories, the number of factories in accordance with the market slowly expanding, control risk , because of the financial crisis, reflective safety vests​ as a kind of policy economic, there may be the risk of the emergence of the cliff, so we have to be careful, be careful investment, and at the same time need to adapt. If you developed, because of the times, not just individual efforts, we have to keep up with the times.
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    Inspection Of High Visibility Polo Shirts
    Today, a guest come to our factory for inspection from Dongguan, they are a very veteran of high visibility clothing suppliers, we have a lot of cooperation in the field of reflective clothing, particular safety vest and high visibility polo shirts, Today's inspection is reflective poso shirts, there are a variety of styles, all is sold in North America, the kinds of short-sleeve meet ANSI/ISEA 107 class 2, the kinds of long-sleeve meet ANSI/ISEA 107 class 3, the inspection results are very good, tonight these goods will send directly to the Dongguan. I wish it will be in great demand.
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    Our Own Reflective Apparel Factories Have A H...
    Dragon Boat Festival holiday, our own reflective apparel factories have a holiday, this is an important festival, eating dumplings, dragon boat races, spilled wine on them, insert moxa, very strong cultural atmosphere, there are a lot of people want to travel, we will go to the famous local museums, if we can put on our own high visiblity polo shirt, it would be wonderful, UPF50 +. I wish everyone a happy holiday.
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    Japanese-style Reflective Vests, Rarely In Sight
    Over a decade ago, we often produced Japanese-style reflective safety vests, but now, it is rarely in sight. Today, suddenly saw a sample before leaving, also special bags, there is a hook. Because each country has its own security clothing standards, Japan and other countries, especially different, now we mainly manufacture Australia and New Zealand, Europe and America high visibility clothing. Reflective vest of Japan like this article, not with reflective strips, using PVC lattice belt, the material cost is higher, with not much to Europe, particularly to Europe, mainly used nylon or TC reflective tape, even 3M reflective strips are rarely used, because the price of 3M is high, the quality of our local reflective has been very stable, also have certificates and test reports, fully able to meet the European and American standards, for example, EN ISO 20471, ANSI/ISEA 107-2015, even far beyond these standards. We are currently in extensive use, we also have local brand considerable to 3M quality, such as YSL, it is also very famous, as one of famous high visibility clothing suppliers, we are very familiar to those raw materials.
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    We know how important quality is! So we attach great importance to our QA/QC procedures, making sure every piece we ship to our customers are qualified as well as satisfying!